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Hello PinStack PEEPS. I have tried everything to get my Pearl to connect with my ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Tethered Modem For Cingular


    Hello PinStack PEEPS. I have tried everything to get my Pearl to connect with my computer. I am willing to do USB or Bluetooth. I have tried everything that I can think of and followed previous steps for T-Mobile that are on the forums already. I am using a VISTA machine ... sorry it is my work pc that they provided. I called Cingular and they wanted to charge me an extra $75 a month for the ability to do tethered modem. (Sounds kinda rediculous to me) And I want to get around the fee with whatever it takes.

    So, has anyone done a tethered modem for Cingular before, or with vista? Thanks again forum pals.


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    ask me

    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular

    horseshoe, I don't think there is a workaround for this. If you do find a workaround cingular may see that as abuse and cancel your plan.
    just be careful if you do find a workaround.
    good luck
    Been a long while since last login. Sorry all, adjusting to a new life is great and hell at the same time!!

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    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular

    Sooo, no one has been sucessful in doing any sort of a tethered modem or bluetooth modem with cingular? LAMESAUCE.

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    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular

    i have. it works fine. using bluetooth.. with windows it works. slow but works.. with linux, i can get it to connect and pull an ip.. i just cant go anywhere, or resolve anything

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    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular

    I've gotten it to work as a tethered modem (no BT on my ThinkPad). Here are the instructions that I followed. I can't take credit for these, I got this from another BB site. I combined several posts in the thread into a doc I keep on my laptop for reference. Here's my doc and a link to the thread below.

    Here is a step by step for the Pearl. I rewrote with plain speaking, meaning no assumptions
    that Members know what I am talking about and I tried to use small paragraphs and point
    by point:

    1. If you do NOT have the latest DeskTop Manager, first go to BlackBerry Upgrade and
    choose "get software".

    Note I am referring to DeskTop Manager, NOT the operating system.

    2. Enter your cell number and download the latest Desktop Manager Version on to your
    computer. Do NOT install yet.

    3. Before installing the Desktop Manager software just downloaded, completely delete
    your old version of Desktop Manager.

    4. Reboot, then install the new version of DeskTop Manager you downloaded.

    Now for setting up your BlackBerry to work with your notebook on an UNLIMITED Internet
    connection [through your T-Mobile account]. Speed about 115k!!
    First, let's check what com ports your BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed and is using
    on the computer.

    On XP - Go to


    <Control Panel>



    <Device Manager>

    Scroll down to <Ports>

    On having installed DeskTop Manager, there should be 2 ports listed that say "RIM".

    Simply write down which com ports are listed as being used by "RIM". Most likely (COM4)
    and (COM5).

    Now close all these windows, you just wanted to see what com ports RIM was using.

    Now let's set up the "phone number" or settings for your desktop to "dial" through your
    BlackBerry phone.

    Open Desktop Manager and connect your Blackberry with your USB cable.
    [If the phone does NOT connect automatically, on the Desktop Manager interface click
    <options>, then <connection settings>,
    then click <detect>. This should find your BlackBerry and connect the phone to the PC].

    Now with the phone and PC connected [as indicated by the Desktop Manager saying at the
    bottom of the window that they are

    Go to <Start> Menu

    Select <Control Panel>

    Select <Network Connections>

    Select <File> from the drop down menu

    Select <Create a New Connection>

    Select <Network Connection Wizard>

    Select <Connect to the Internet>

    Select <Set Up My Connection Manually>

    Select <Connect Using a Dial Up Modem>

    Under "Select A Device" select or check the box that is the RIM COM Port you noted from
    before, usually COM4 or COM5.

    NOTE: Uncheck or "deselect" the other modem if that box is also checked [typically it's
    the dial up modem on your PC].

    Click <Next>

    In ISP name box name this new connection/setting anything you want, e.g., BlackBerry.

    Click <Next>

    In the Telephone Number, put <*99#> So you will type in an asterisk, 99, and number symbol.

    Click <Next>

    Leave the User Name and Password boxes blank. Check the use this account name and password.
    Check to make this new connection your default connection if you intend for it to be such.

    Click <Next>

    Select "Add Shortcut to Desktop" so you have the connection easy to access.

    Click <Finish>

    Go to <Start> Menu

    Select <Control Panel>

    Click <Phones And Modems>

    Click the <Modems> tab.

    Select or highlight the COM Port/Modem you set up the BlackBerry with, typically COM4 or
    COM5. Note: may be listed as "Standard Modem"

    Click <Properties>

    Click the <Advanced> tab.

    In the <Extra Initialization Commands:> box type this exact string:


    Make sure you put the two commas, both quotation marks. Note: there are NO SPACES between
    the characters.

    Click each <OK> to save and back out of the settings menus and get back to your desktop.

    You should be able to click on your new Blackberry network connection shortcut on the
    desktop and connect to the Net.

    Yes, i've gotten it to work via bluetooth sans tethering plan. I'm currently unclear as
    to whether I'll be charged for tethering post-facto.

    The same instructions work except you want I think:

    wap.cingular as the #
    WAP@CINGULAR.COM as the username (case sensitive)
    CINGULAR1 as the pw (case sensitive)

    Originally Posted by TxAdam
    I'm getting an error 736 message. Any ideas?

    Update: Disregard... Resolved the error message by updating the init string:


    Works like a champ now! Currently connected through BB Modem

    I had the exact same issue, made the above change, and now I get on fine. Seems to work great although I don't have full EDGE service where I am testing it now so I hope its faster in other locations. Feels like about a 26k right now although it says 115k.

    I am using a Blackberry 8700c on Cingular. Here is what I found for those of you still having trouble:

    1. You do need this thread, not the one listed above:

    2. You DO NOT NEED to call Cingular to have them add all those line items to your bill. (at least I didn't)

    Here's the thread link:

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    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular

    Hot Diggity. I will try this and let you know. Thanks for your directions they are very easy to follow and once again, THANKS!!!!

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    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular

    Just so you know if AT&T does find that you are tethering with your phone then they will just change your plan and charge you. Also be warned that the no longer allow you to change data anytime you want. They will charge you the $175 early termination fee. So watch out with trying to find a work around. It can and will come back and get you.

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    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular

    So why is there so much variances in the response to cost for tethering on Cincular. Some say its 70. Some say you cant, some say you can. Theres people that work for Cingular on this board. Whats the scoop? I have read of other people that called Cingular and were told if there on unlimitted data they can tether at no additional cost. I have called Cingular myself and was told the same thing. I'm on BIS.
    When I look at there services on the cingy web site it the only option it shows for tethering is for BES. AND it shows 59.99 for unlimetted and tethering included.
    I was playing with tethering my pearl the other day and set it up per the instructions on the Cingular website using the ISP instead of WAP and it worked fine. I didnt even need that extra string.(I'll try it again later today).
    Theres got to be one RIGHT answer on the cost!

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    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular

    I called Cingular and they said it was an extra $70+ dollars. Do you have a link to the cingular website for tethering? Just wondering. I do not see how cingular can tell that you are tethering? If you have unlimited data, and you are constantly searching the web, or running a stock ticker or something that updates every so often, you are using data. If you pay for "UNLIMITED" data, then it is and should be unlimited. I talked to a friend that works at cingular and he has NEVER heard of anyone getting charged for using too much data on an unlimited plan. I don't know, I will try it. If they would like to try charge me extra I would like to see them get the money. No ware in the contract for the data plan does it specify that you CANNOT tether... or use as a modem. I just went over my contract, so if it is something that they do not give me at date of purchase to say you cannot do such they can not by law charge me. They can cancel my phones, but if they cancel me there is not an early termination fee. That is just the legal side of things, but we shall see.

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    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular

    It's not in the contract you took home. It is in the details that they tell you to look at online. I found it on Cingular's website at the following location:

    If you go to the bottom of the page you will find a link to see Explanation of Rates and Charges for details. On page 3 of those details near the top of the page you will find the following:


    It is all in the fine print of the brochures than no-one ever reads which are part of the attachments to your contract whether done in person or over the phone or online.


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    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular


    tethering if you have a vioce plan and non-bb device = 59.99
    tethering without a voice plan with a not bb device = 74.99

    tethering with any bb model gives enterprise access also (not that you need to use it):
    with a voice plan: 59.99
    without a voice plan: 74.99

    can you tether without a thethering plan? of course, as many know.
    will att catch you? probably not, but if we ever do some kinda sweep that finds you're on the wrong plan and start to charge you, you'll have no recourse.

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    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular

    Thanks Worked Like A Dream

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    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular

    ~via BB

    Okay. So I used to be able to get online with my desktop through tethering. And up until a few weeks ago, it just stopped working. I didn't change any of my init settings until just now, but nothing has worked.

    Can somebody please help me? I'm running a pearl to a pc using a usb cable. Also I'm using cingular/at&t.

    Please help.

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    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular

    ~via BB (

    Let's say ATT does catch you. How do they know the difference between browsing the internet and tethering? Wouldn't it just be like browsing on your phone?

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    Re: Tethered Modem For Cingular

    yeah.. they would be able to track on connection type to like and then just plain from how i read the other forums. But they was a program that someone mention to that may get around cingular (AT&T). Y9ou can look here for a start
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