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I would appreciate some guidance; I am considering a BB [probably 8100] but unsure of ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Taking the plunge!


    I would appreciate some guidance; I am considering a BB [probably 8100] but unsure of which model - 8100 or 8700 [or 7100?]
    I need a phone primarily; but now also with Email, organiser and data storage as useful secondary. Camera & Music are nice but not essential. Ease of use is paramount [I love Nokia - hated Samsung!]
    I know I will need E-office for Word & Excel use - how much memory will that application take? Are .doc & .xls files stored on the SD card, opened and viewed as they might be on a PC? Is the address book stored on the phone or SD? if it's the phone how much data can be stored? [I know 64mb - but what's that in real terms] How many Emails would typically be kept available on the BB? I assume that the Email msg is 'pushed' to the phone and then do you choose to 'download' and view the attachment if you want to? Any other comments/help would also be appreciated.
    Sorry to be a pain with this and as I live in the UK, please do not hold that against me!!
    Many thanks & regards

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    Re: Taking the plunge!

    For your needs I would recommend the Pearl. The Pearl is the only one that can offer expandable memory (the yet to be released 8800 will too). the only thing is for heavy email use te sure-type is not necessarily as good as the full qwerty would be (but thats my opinion). e-mails are pushed to the bb but you dont have to download anything to view them. the address book is stored on the phone but you can sync it with outlook (or some other programs).

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    Re: Taking the plunge!

    ~via BB ( ease of use is paramount, then my vote is for the 8700. I tried the sure-type on a 7100 but since I type mostly technical messages the sure-type was sure-wrong almost all the time. I want a camera and storage for mp3s, movies, etc. but I'm unwilling to give up basic functionality (like being able to type an email) in order to get bells and whistles. I use an 8700 and am awaiting the 8800-crimson that is supposedly an 8700 with external storage, GPS, and a camera.

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