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Hi all. I REALLY would like to get the bb pearl asap and I'm almost ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    T-Mobile's data service


    Hi all. I REALLY would like to get the bb pearl asap and I'm almost too anxious to wait till the Cingular release. Can anyone tell me about the T-Mobile data service? How fast is it? Reliable? Do you get data service everywhere you get a phone signal? Thanks for the help...


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    Re: T-Mobile's data service

    why not buy an unlocked Pearl to use on the Cingular network (I have NOTHING against TMO)? that is what i did...and it works perfectly.

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    Re: T-Mobile's data service

    well you wont find any difference between cingular and tmobile coverage because they use the same towers and EDGE service. Since Tmobile has free roaming on all of cingular towers.

    Not sure what cingular offers but Tmobile has the unlimited data plan. And you wont necessarily get DATA EVERYWHERE you have a signal, because there are still older towers or something that dont support it.

    Sorry my answer isnt 100% technical but it's the best I could do from memory :P.

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    Re: T-Mobile's data service

    t-mo's voice+BB plan is cheaper than Cingulars, and in my case offers more than Cingulars at a lower price range.

    I have no signal problems with Tmo vs. Cingular except in very fringy areas where I would usually get 1 bar on Cingular, I get no signal on T-mo...but this is very fringy areas that I don't frequent often.

    If you're not on a contract with Cingular, and there is no reason for you to stay with them (such as you get a reliable signal from Cingular but not from T-mo in your area), then i would consider switching to T-mo.

    I actually switched from Cingular to T-mo and had to pay the Cingular cancellation fee...but did the math and I would STILL come out ahead in less than a year, so that's somethign to think about.

    As for the data speed and voice quality my location they are the same.

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