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Hi Guys, Does anyone who is connected to T-Mobile in the UK have an Edge ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    T-Mobile UK & Edge Connection


    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone who is connected to T-Mobile in the UK have an Edge connection and if so how did you get it - i.e. are you on web and walk?

    I'm just interested really i've just come back from Ireland and was able to connect to Meteor's Edge connection but was interested if T-Mobile have it up and running in the UK.

    I have already looked around both on Google and on this site but nothing blatantly obvious popped up.

    I'm already paying around £42 just for the pleasure of having my emails and 100 texts and 200 minutes per month - but am pretty impressed with the Pearl especially after using such monsters as the P900i etc it is a nice and easy clever little fellah.

    Thanks in advance for any information.



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    Re: T-Mobile UK & Edge Connection

    I'm on the same network as you, The only time my Pearl had a "Edge" connection was just after I powered it up for the first time for about 10 minutes, when T-mobile sent the service books to it the phone went to GPRS , its not an issue to me,
    Best.... Len

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