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Hello. I can't get my wife's blackberry to sync all the calendar entries with Outlook ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Lightbulb Syncing Problem


    Hello. I can't get my wife's blackberry to sync all the calendar entries with Outlook 2003. It syncs most of them, but at some point the sync is interrupted by an error message something along the lines of "unexpected error occurred"

    Is it because I have not bought the little sd card for storage? I figured it would have enough free space to at least sync a calendar.

    Thanks for any help. I am very dissapointed in the "ease of use" factor of the software. my iPhone just works. Her blackberry has never just worked.

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    Re: Syncing Problem

    I am not sure if the memory issue is what is causing the error but try a few things. Get rid of unneeded languages on the phone. Delete any large pictures that have been uploaded to the phone. Hold down ALT and then type lglg and the Event Log will pop up, pull up the menu and clear the event log. Do a hard reset by pulling the battery. Do a restart on the phone and then try and sync and see if you still get the same error.

    I did purchase a 2gb SD card for my 8830 and I've had zero issues with my phone because of any memory issues.

    And I have been a Blackberry user for about 2 yrs now and I've never had a problem so I hope you are able to get the issue resolved and Welcome to the "Stacks".
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