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I just received this phone as a Christmas gift and I'm loving it. Well everything ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Syncing Application/Organizer for Desktop


    I just received this phone as a Christmas gift and I'm loving it. Well everything except I can't sync at home because self proclaimed cutting edge RIM isn't so cutting edge with 64 bit drivers. Anyhow thats another issue

    Just before xmas my company switched from Outlook to Thunderbird. I was wondering if there is another desktop solution to managing contacts, memos, appointments and emails and sync with the phone (besides Outlook and Notes)? Important thing is for it to be free/ware.

    I used to have a Treo and its desktop software had this built in but so far I have yet to find something built into the RIM software. I'm hoping I just missed installing a RIM Organizer solution to my desktop and you can all flame me for not searching - which I tried but couldn't find anything

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    Re: Syncing Application

    Bill, I don't have a lot of experience with this, however, here is a post to review.
    Congrats on your great Xmas gift!

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    Re: Syncing Application

    bbriand, Yes, there is a problem with having a 64 bit OS on your PC. As to syncing with Thunderbird, that may be a problem. You can use desktop manager to sync with a character separated AscII text file and maybe use that to edit/update your Contacts.

    Hope this helps
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