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I like my iTouch, Typing is pain in the butt. i like how you can ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I like my iTouch, Typing is pain in the butt. i like how you can jail break it and install a bunch of 3rd party stuff. But I played with my iTouch for about a week and now it just sits on my iHome playing music. But apple does have a good product. but the batteries are not replaceable like a blackberry, and one more thing its not a bb so dont expect it to work right lol. Not to be rude but ill give you 3 months till you think about how much you miss your bb

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonpie23 View Post
    Thanks for the replies. My pearl is personal and not business required. Still have 8 days to decide. The tough part is the pearl has been the best phone I have own and no problems at all with it. The temptation is just too much but I'm trying not too. This blackberry has been flawless. ~via BB (
    I understand your temptation. While mine does not concern the iPhone, I have always wanted a Centro and found an unlocked GSM Palm Cento on their site for $299.

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    i personally think its a kids toy! dont care to much about the touch screen, your screwed if you unlock you phone to add apps on and you phone messes up, battery, and was to small, if you leave it somewhere open people are like hey thats my iphone cause they look like the same trash!! personally waste of money just stick with your crackberry you know you dont wanna leave!

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer6 View Post
    I'm not the kind to trash anyone. My compliments for your well written request for feedback.

    I purchased an iPhone after the waiting lines subsided a few days after its release date. My purpose for buying one was simply to see what it was like, not as a BlackBerry replacement. I routinely buy all kids of unlocked, unbranded phones straight from Hong Kong. I just a tech lover of phones & laptops, so I enjoy buying a lot of different ones to try out. So the point I'm making is just to give you an idea of what my experience is as compared to a lot of different phones, not just the BlackBerry.

    The major difference with the iPhone is it's focus on entertainment. I found that when using it's WiFi & browser, the internet experience is quite nice. It's iPod features for music are also well known. So as an entertaiment device it hit the mark. As a phone I was very surprized at the poor call quality. The lack of regular keys is also a big drawback, as one cannot text, & certainly not compose emails as fast, easy, and as comfortably as with a BlackBerry. I also see the lack of basics a huge problem. Such as, no cut & paste, no user replaceable battery (Apple takes 8 days & $97.00 to install a battery) & no slot for a memory card. These types of shortcomings are unacceptable.

    So, what to do if one really wants one? Simple, get an iTouch. The newest in the iPod line it offers all the best parts of the entertainment side of the iPhone, without the expensive two year contract & poor phone. Myself, I'm reminded once again why I find BlackBerrys the best for me.

    Good luck with your decision!

    via: Red BB 8310
    (soon via: Bold)
    this is why you should stick to the blackberry.

    because you can post lengthy replies on forums.

    well back on track, i'd stick with the pearl. i saw the iphone at an at&t store, and i was impressed with the MEDIA features of it, especially the web browser. i placed a test call on it, and the sound quality COULD HAVE been better, especially for the price.

    thats what i see it as, a toy. when it gets down to it, i'd take my blackberry over any other phone any day.

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    lack of copy/paste, true multitasking, and non-instant email are immediate from me.

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    It looks like the rear view mirror in my car.

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    I liked it but have always been interested in BB. I had my iPhone for about 8 months. Everything played great for my needs but I had mine jailbroken. Without it being jailbroken it was not worth it for me. It allowed me to do sooo much more than it not being so. Just a month ago I decided to get a BB Pearl and it is like a feather compared to the iPhone.
    I am glad that I finally got to use a BB and I have to say I like it. Stick with BB because it is better at things but if you are going to get an iPhone get first version and jailbreak it or wait till the 3g one is jailbroken otherwise it will be lacking in so many areas.

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    Don't forget to consider the security features. BB offers content encryption, which is important for me. Furthermore if you use a password on your iPhone, you will have to hide from others whenever you enter it, since you can only use numbers, the buttons are bright & huge when it asks you for your password. On my BB most people won't know the password even when they're looking at it while I enter my password, especially when entering numbers.

    ~via BB (

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    I personally think iPhone is overrated and personally I'm tired of iPhone, iPod, iHome, iTunes. Etc.

    My BlackBerry does everything I need it to and more. I don't mind typing, and I don't need to touch my screen to navigate. But like other stackers have said, it depends on your needs. Some people like to clutter up their phone with music and videos and pictures, etc. I don't. I will always have a BB.

    ~via BB (

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    My friend has an works great for him. He brags n brags about how great it is n so on n so on. Then I come into the room with a brand new app n show it off...then all of more iphone talk. It goes from "how great the iphone is" to "how I wish my iphone could do that". I have a pearl..n just showing off a small phone that can handle most of your home computer needs is amazing to talk about. The typing-i never had a phone type faster. The sound quality-i could hear ppls thoughts when I'm talking to them(lol-JK...but the sound quality is almost that good).the list could go on n on...I just like the fact that I could pull out this phone (my 8100 soon to be 8110) and all other phone talk comes to a screeching stop. Like all other stackers have said....the iphone (just like the sidekick) is a toy, a little kids play thing. Make a grown up decision n stick with your BB.

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    If you want efficiency, and great support stick with a BlackBerry.
    If you're in need of something to show off with, then go with the iPhone.

    I just really don't see any other reason to why one would leave Blackberry, especially when RIM is dominating the market, and when there is nothing better out there.
    Shawn K.

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