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i was on my way back from a trip, and when i started in the ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    sudden battery death


    i was on my way back from a trip, and when i started in the morning (about 7am) my battery was at 100%. I was using my GPS via bluetooth on my phone, and that is about it. I used the GPS the whole way back, until about 2:30, and the battery life was at a little less than 50%. I turned off bluetooth, opened my browser, then my Pearl's battery just collapsed and i had to put it on a charger for 30 minutes to even get the radio back on. do you think the battery meter was lagging because of the GPS program, or did something wierd happen? i figure having bluetooth and GPS goin for 8 hours can do some work on a battery.

    also, in somewhat unrelated news, i have been noticing an SOS signal more often than i used to be, and usually in spots where i have good reception. any thoughts? TIA

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    Re: sudden battery death

    I think using GPS made the BB consume more battery. Regarding the SOS your provider might have had network problems at that time.
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