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    Thumbs up Success Story - Beyond411 (aka Berry411)


    I just loaded this last week and I had 2 chances to use it this weekend where it really helped.

    Situation 1: We took my son back to college on Saturday morning and decided to stop for ice cream and coffee (for me, my wife's a tea drinker) in a little town in Lancaster Amish country. They had a quaint little creamery and country store right in the middle of town. The ice cream was good and the store was nice, but the coffee was (air-quote)coffee(air-quote) if you know what I mean. The kind you'd find at the local gas station. Well, I like my coffee and I wasn't going to settle for the bad cup I just got, so I used my Pearl and Beyond411 to input my location (city, st) and search for coffee shops. In the list that came back was a place on main street where I was, so I asked in the creamery where the place was and they weren't sure. So I called them and it turned out that they were just a block down from me. I walked down, got my decent cup of coffee, and promptly watered the bushes out front with contents of my cup from the creamery. Not a life-saving type of story, but I enjoyed being able to use my Pearl to quickly help me find what I wanted.

    Situation 2: Last night (Sunday) I was out late and I need to print a digital picture for my kindergartener's special day on Monday. I know that I have a 24hrs FedEx Kinkos about 15 minutes away, but I wasn't sure if they had a self-service picture kiosk. Instead of calling directory assistance (and getting dinged $1.79), I switched my location to "home" and searched on FedEx. I was on the phone with them inside of a minute and I found my picture kiosk. Again, not a life-saving story, just a case where my smartphone made my life easier.

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    Re: Success Story - Beyond411 (aka Berry411)

    That's cool man. I don't have internet on my pearl yet. But I'm about to graduate college and get a job so I'm sure I'll have it soon. But I just wanted to let at least someone else know how awesome 1-800-FREE-411 is. It works almost exactly like if you hit 411 or 1411 or whatever, exept it's free.

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    Re: Success Story - Beyond411 (aka Berry411)

    Jm4BBPearl, thanks for sharing your experience with Beyond411. I have also used it for many occassions like you described and find it to be an amazing product.

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