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this may sound a ral stupid question!! But im very new to the world of ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    stupid question


    this may sound a ral stupid question!! But im very new to the world of blackberry as i only got mine yesterday, so im still learning how to use it. But could someone tell me how i access my internet browser please? Like i said its a stupd question but im still learning. Thanks

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    Re: stupid question

    You need a BlackBerry Data Plan from your carrier.

    You're probably getting the message "Data Connection Refused" which means you don't have a data plan, and therefore can't receive email or use your browser.

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    Re: stupid question

    Hi Yid9. Have you signed up for a Blackberry Data plan from your carrier?

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    Re: stupid question

    RIM and the carriers drive all their data through RIM's secure servers and RIM's servers only, thus the requirement for a BlackBerry Data Plan. Without said plan you'll only have access to voice and data, unfortunatley there's no way around it.

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    Re: stupid question

    Not stupid at all! Assuming you have done the above suggestions and still don't know how... could be cuz your browser icon is missing. If it is press menu, go to options> advanced options> host routing table>menu and register now. Good luck and welcome! ~via BB (

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    Re: stupid question

    Welcome to PinStack Yid9.

    Let us know how it's going with this. I need to know the answer to these questions before we continue. Also, turn the Pearl off then bck on again. Do you get an error?

    ~via BB (

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    Re: stupid question

    If you already have the Blackberry data plan, there should be a globe icon (or two) on your device. Once you click on that, you should be able to type in web addresses for browsing. One thing though, because the internal browser's pretty slow, you might wanna download operamini to get faster web surfing capability.

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    Re: stupid question

    hi there, i m a new bb user..

    when i tried pin msging my friend, he said he can see the msg but cant reply it. what is the problem? is it because he is blocked by his company IT network? or if not, is there any other way he can figure it out to reply in the chat?

    many thanks appreciate any input!

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