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I just downloaded the ColorPearl app., and of course its a awesome app., but when ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Some Questions About My Pearl...


    I just downloaded the ColorPearl app., and of course its a awesome app., but when someone calls you how can you make the trackball light up different colors? I have it on the "Random" option, but it just sticks to one color when someone calls--I want it to be numerous colors.

    Also, when I see all of the apps for the Pearl, which is great, but I don't know what they do. Is there a thread that explains the apps and what they do?

    Lastly, is there a site that I can watch clips through streaming, beacuse I've been told about, but I have to watch the clips on high and it takes forever to download. Is there a site or app that does this?

    Sorry for asking so many questions, but at work I get bored and want to watch clips. I've been searching the forum and haven't found any answers to my questions. I also have a BLACKBERRY so I want to show all of my buddys with Razers and Krazer, and Chocolates up--and the crystal clear web pages doesn't do this for some reason, haha.

    Thanks guys in advance!

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    Re: Some Questions About My Pearl...

    go to your call log, then go to options<general options. turn ringtone lighting on. this can be done without the colorpearl app.

    no streaming vids on the pearl, but for your bb browser will allow you to download vids on the net and save to your phone

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    Re: Some Questions About My Pearl...

    the forum for 3rd party apps are here:

    There are probably too many apps to describe them all in one post (and new ones that pop up!) so basically what I do is, see a popular app that people are talking about, and use the search box on the right side of pinstack (it's on every page) to see what people are talking about it.

    You could also try:
    the downloads section


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