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Hello guys, I am a total newbe but I have one question. I am using ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Software question


    Hello guys,

    I am a total newbe but I have one question.

    I am using BES on our server. If a user reads their emails on their pc how do I make it so the blackberry doesnt show these emails as unread?

    I had this situation recently where one of our users came to me saying the blackberry said 29 unread emails but they said they had read them on their pc.

    Will installing the desktop software onto their pc do this? I am guessing some kind of sync would fix this between the blackberry and pc?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Software question

    The status on the blackberry will eventually change if you have email reconciliation set to mailbox wins. Every 10 minutes or so the BB will reconcile and read status should match up. This isn't an instant change. If I get a message in my box and phone and read it on my pc, it will change to read after the BB reconciles. You can force a change by foing to the menu in messages and choose reconcile now.

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