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Just recently I've had this problem where the people I'm sending my SMS txts to, ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    SMS txts sometimes don't go through?


    Just recently I've had this problem where the people I'm sending my SMS txts to, don't get them. On my side, it says it always goes through (with the check next to the txt after it's sent). But I've had to reforward a handful of txts over the past week because people are not receiving them.

    Any ideas what could be the problem? It's a blackberry pearl 8100 (about 56 months old) with AT&T.

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    Do the people have any problems receiving texts from anyone else (that they know of)? If you are getting the check mark, then they are going to the network and the network traffic coming back is seeing they are being sent so it may be the location you are in or a poor tower site that is not actually transferring the data.

    Go to Options, Advanced, Host Routing Table, scroll down to the bold entry, pull up the menu and choose "Register Now" and also resend your service books to your phone. Login to your BIS, resend service books, after about 5, 10 minutes, do a battery pull, send a couple of messages to your friends that have had issues receiving them and see if that resolves your issue.
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    check what network shows up on your phone as well, if you're on EDGE or GSM everything should be fine. I've seen a few cases where people were on some other weird network and couldn't send text messages, but could get email. I forget what it's called though...... (Oh yeah, I'm real helpful)

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    have you tried sending then to yourself to make sure they are going thru as well? It may be an issue on their end as mentioned above.
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