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One friend of mine has a BB Pearl too, so we chat using BB messenger, ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question SMS Texting


    One friend of mine has a BB Pearl too, so we chat using BB messenger, I LOVE it, it's all right there the whole chat, we can type several messages at a time before the other responds, just like on regular PC chats....BUT with the SMS texting it's one message at a time. The whole chat is there, but as it comes in it looks like a new email line..Hope that makes sense.. Is there a way to make SMS text look like the BB messenger? One line to click on that keeps the whole chat going, does not take up so much space on BB, can type as many msgs as you want, without having to start a whole new message thread...PLEASE HELP!
    Y'all have been great at helping me so far...please someone have an answer. This is driving me crazy!

    I also dl Opera Mini and have a question about it...With the browser that is on the BB you can switch between apps...but with the opera I cannot find a way to switch between. I have to close the whole Opera stuff down before I can go anywhere else on BB. I can't answer text or anything without closing everything out and then have to start over with what I was doing with Opera...any suggestions??
    Thanks a MILLION!!!!

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    Re: SMS Texting

    Sha-NayNay...I'm pretty sure there isn't a way to change the SMS text to a "chat" style layout unless there is a 3rd party software out there. And I don't use Opera Mini so I can't help you there. I know I'm not a big help but I just wanted to say Sha-NayNay. Peace!

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    Re: SMS Texting

    I wish they would cause it does clean up the sms's...I believe it's referred to as sms chat and I have yet to see it for bb. I'm sure it's in the works somewhere...also I hear that is the way the iPhone is set up for sms's .

    As far Opera, you can switch application by holding down alt and press escape (button just to right of trackball) and choose one of those apps or select home and choose app there.

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