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Guys, I was just wondering if this is possbile and has anyone tried this..I have ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    SMS Messages



    I was just wondering if this is possbile and has anyone tried this..I have 2 email accounts confidgured on my pearl..and whenvever I get an email message it shows up as a new message in the righ tinbox as well as it shows up in the main message folder.
    I have both my email inboxes and also the general message in box on my home page.. is there a way I can just have a folder of sms text messages on my home page rather than the general messages? I mean...I can view all my sms's once i go to options in messages and do view folder -> SMS inbox..but is there a way i can put a link to the SMS inbox directly on my home page..and once i get a new sms text it shows it there...

    I am not sure...if i made myself clear here...but please let me know if you have any inputs..!



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    Re: SMS Messages

    Nope. at least not on currunt OS availible ( don't know about rodgers OS yet) , all mail/sms/mms comes into one box and no way to create a similar shortcut as with the email.

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    Re: SMS Messages

    You can only do this with the newer OS. Then you can split them up.
    You have to upgrade. Check the link in my signature for upgrading.

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    Re: SMS Messages

    not sure what operating system you are running on your device, but to be able to do what you want, its 1) OS related and 2) theme related.

    open up message app and choose menu/options/general options
    scroll all the way down...IF you currently have the option, it will be at the bottom, listed as "SMS and Email Inboxes: (theme controlled, combined, separate)

    if the option isn't there, then you should probably update/upgrade your current OS

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