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This might be a dumb question but how do you change from multi tap to ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    smart type


    This might be a dumb question but how do you change from multi tap to sure type? In the SMS options my DISPLAY AUTO TEXT function in set to NO.

    Still doesn't work

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    Once you selected who you want to send your SMS text, click the option key, (to the left of the talk button, green phone icon) scroll down till you see Enable Suretype.

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    Another way is to open up your blank message and hold the * button to change between multitap and Suretype.


    Oh, BTW - I am new to all of this myself. My first post too !!

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    Either way is correct.

    I have found that the easiest and quickest method is pressing and holding the SYM key. It will first open the symbol pop up, but then will toggle between SureType and multitap.

    The Pearl is in multitap mode whenever the ABC icon is visible in the upper right corner of the screen (on top of where the signal strength is on the home screen).

    If that ABC icon is absent, then the Pearl is in SureType mode.

    As for the SMS Options, the "Disable AutoText" is for AutoText only, not SureType. This is likely an option so that AutoText won't learn a bunch of nonsense "words", such as is often used in SMS messages. ("c u l8r" etc. Damnit! Now my AutoText has learned those non-words!! )

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