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When I recieve an sms message, and click to view it, it usually takes 10 ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Slow sms


    When I recieve an sms message, and click to view it, it usually takes 10 to 20 seconds to view the message. Also the same deal when i write one and click send, it stays on the "send" page for 10 to 20 seconds before it goes back to the main page. Anyone else have this problem? Im using the latest software that I know about (.67) and have a 1 gig card in the phone. ...Anyone?

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    Have you tried a battery pull? It will release some memory and make things run faster.

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    Or delete messages? I always go on view folder and SMS inbox and outbox and delete prior.

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    Re: Slow sms

    I'm having the same problem except it stays on the send menu for about a minute and gets worse by the day. By the time my send menu is gon, the recipient has already responded to it then I have to wait another minute to open that msg. I've pulled my battery several times and I don't have but a couple of hundred messages in it. It may sound like alot but my last 7100 had 5,579 messages in it when I cracked the screen and it ran fine. I have 2 third party themes in it and no other 3rd party apps. (In other words, its pretty free on memory.) I've cleared the event log as well. Any ideas?

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