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    Question Slow processing and freezing


    When I first got my Pearl in November, I could be doing three things at once without any delay. However lately I have been experiencing some long delays and my screen will freeze up quite often. It will usually just take a few minutes and then work again so I don't normally have to remove the battery or anything.

    I do use my BB for a lot of things (calendar sync, two email accounts, text, etc.)

    Does anyone have any advice to speed things up or prevent freezing? Are there any applications that could be causing this specifically? The only applications, I have added have been GoogleSync and ESPN.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. As always, thanks a bunch!

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    Hold down Alt+Escape and see if you have any applications you're not using that didn't fully close out. Find the apps and hit menu, close. The only thing that should be there is homepage, browser, call log, Blackberry Messenger, and Messages.

    Make sure you check your available memory isn't running low either check Status.
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    what version of the device software are you running?

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