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I have read the posts before but still have skin questions: 1. Are the Best ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I have read the posts before but still have skin questions:

    1. Are the Best Skin Ever and Shield Zone doing essentially the same thing?
    Any opinion on which is best? The Shield Zone vide was impressive.

    2. Are both of these products that cause me to cut and paste strips of plastic or are they cutom made for the Pearl (or Ipod, etc.). It appears that you have to cut many strips out but it seems that would leave a bunch of seams.

    3. If I am using the RIM pouch, do I really need this protection? I know I could drop the Pearl but otherwise it seems that scratches should be minimal.

    4. The fit of my Pearl is tight already in my pouch. Will it still fit if I put one of these products on?

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    Re: Skins

    the screen covers should have no effect on the pearl fitting into your pouch. they are a thin film that cover the screen only(should be). Many companies make them to fit a specific model so no cutting should be necessary.... if you take your pearl out of your covered pouch for ay reason and the screen is exposed you run the risk of scratching (however great or small the risk). You would be sooo mad if you did scratch it... I would use a shield protector just to be safe..... Ya never know........
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    Re: Skins

    This forum should help you out a bit!

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