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Hey guys, I got my BB 3 days ago and I like it alot. I've ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Silent but still sounds


    Hey guys, I got my BB 3 days ago and I like it alot. I've had a regular flip phone for like 3 years and decided to get a new phone. Anyways, on my old phone when you held down pound it would switch the phone to vibrate. I do this on my pearl and it says it switched to vibrate but I still hear sounds from trackball scrolling and games such as MeteorCrusher. I tried switching it to Quite and others in the profile but I still hear sound even though It's supposebly on "silent".

    Also, about how often should I clean the trackball area and what's the proper maintanance for the trackball? Two of my friends have had their pearl's for a while and their trackballs seem really dirty. I'm guessing this is natural but should I be concerned or anything? One more thing... should I invest in a screen protector?
    Thanks for the future responses.

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    Re: Silent but still sounds

    The Silent/Vibrate silences your notifications for example, sms, mms, email, phone calls. It does not affect game as those have their own options

    If you would like to slence the trackball go to Options>Screen Keyboard

    If you go into your games options there are options to mute or change volume on most games.

    To Clean the trackball use light alcohol and compressed air.

    Screen Protector's are a must.
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