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I recently got a pearl 8100 from my aunt in UK who had upgraded to ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    shud i wait??? prob with 8100 pearl


    I recently got a pearl 8100 from my aunt in UK who had upgraded to 8120 under her O2 network plan. The phone was on the O2 network and the network is locked on that.
    Tried contacting the O2 people for unlocking the phone and they are giving a hard time. Told them the same story, that going overseas and roaming charges are too high, but they didn’t relent.
    i cant decide that Shud i wait for their reply or go ahead with using the IMEI method...
    I have a few questions.
    • Is there any method to unlock the phone other than thru O2. If I get it unlocked by generating an unlock code from the IMEI no. would it work now that the phone is in India(i am from india) ?? As in, does the phone need to be on the network for it to work???
    • Wat is the most reliable and cheap site to get the code generated thru IMEI??? Can some1 plz give feedbacks on this......
    • Once the network is unlocked, wud it remain that way if I upgrade the os…???
    Hope to hear from u ppl soon…
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    Re: shud i wait??? prob with 8100 pearl

    If your aunt upgraded to a new phone there should be no issue unlocking the phone. I got a unlock code from 02 before for a pearl I had. As far as I know once you have had the phone 4-6 months they have to unlock it if you request.

    Tell them you are selling the phone. That's what I told them but took about 3 weeks to get the code.
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    Re: shud i wait??? prob with 8100 pearl

    look on ebay anyone with a that looks like a good company will work make sure they have a refund policy

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    Re: shud i wait??? prob with 8100 pearl

    Take a look here...cant speak personally but at least you can check trust comments, etc here on PS. (no negative posts or trust comments I can see)
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