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I am a first time bb owner with the 8130 from Telus, I am now ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    should i have More memory?


    I am a first time bb owner with the 8130 from Telus, I am now running sprints .131 OS. I only ever have 9 mb free, and that is after I get rid of almost all emails and call logs etc... (and it seems that it leaks through out the day) when my phone starts to act really weird like feezing or laging or showing the clock, low and behold I have 0 bytes.

    Is my apps? Do I really have to many? You tell me

    Weather eye
    Missing light quick pull
    Shazam(although its not even working right now)
    Bb app world
    Buzzme trapster yellow pages

    What do you you fellow 8130 have? Should I have more or is quickpull gonna be my most used app.
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    That is quite a few apps but I don't think it should effect your BBs performance. Make sure to close each app and just not hit the back key or escape. Some apps will remain open in the background if they are not "closed". Clearing your browser cache and doing it frequently along with a every other day battery pull should help a lot. Read this post and it should help considerably... go to post #1
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    I don't have an 8130 but when I had viigo I found that it was usually running in the back ground which really pulled my memory and battery down. To make sure its not running in the back ground hold down your alt key then hit your back key and then scroll to see what apps are running. Be sure to keep holding your alt key while scrolling. Close out any extra apps that are running and you should be fine
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    ask me
    Viigo is a mem eater also make sure your close your apps at all times, also google maps on my side
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    9MB free on a 8130 is AWESOME! Don't complain.

    I suspect your memory leak out of those apps is Viigo. Newer versions are getting better at not leaking memory and also can play podcasts now.
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    Viigo and App World were memory eaters for me on my 8120. I had to delete them to even get my phone to function.

    Viigo got a memory leak so bad one night (hourglass kept spinning while I was trying to read an article) that I literally watched it suck my battery from full to empty in less than 5 minutes requiring a battery pull to recover.

    I would also dump Shazam since you said it isn't working.
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