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hi i have just got a 8120 (used to have a 8100) its on pay ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    setting up wifi HELP


    hi i have just got a 8120 (used to have a 8100)

    its on pay as you go

    the handset is new and i am wondering is it possible for me to just connect to say my wireless or a friends wirless so i can search the internet

    rather than having to pay for a bolt on or a contract.

    is on o2 pay as you go

    i can get it to connect to my wireless but it cant search for a web page i get an error

    unable to connect to ineternet please try again later

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    Wif Should be unlocked, unless your carrier has specifially locked it. I can browse, even when I have no service. However without a sim it would not even surf a wifi hotspot!
    My sis has a PAYG with att and she can text and browse on her phone, can get expensive quick!

    Hope this helps and feel free to pm me with any other questions.

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    I was having sim problems (said please insert sim) and It would still let me do live search maps on wifi.

    Just got a replacement phone and had to make sure it was on Hotspot Browser, setting would not stay until I change start page or maybe the Compatibility mode.
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