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Do you know how to set up the trackball so it always stays one color. ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    set trackball color?


    Do you know how to set up the trackball so it always stays one color. Like not just when someone calls but all the time? This girl did it to her boyfriends phone but I don't talk to her any more to ask her.

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    there are two programs to change the color of the trackball...the one for $4.95 from Handango, and the other one is titled "ColorPearl" and is free (well, he does have a suggested donation button)...I use the ColorPearl one, and the developer (metsfan over at BBforums) is pretty open to suggestions...his original version only had a few colors and didn't have the custom color option...and so he made version 2.0 with those. i dunno what his plans are for making one for the 8800, but since the developer for the one on Handago won't maybe you could try asking him

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    Color Pearl is your best choice for color pearls. If you have upgraded to 4.5 os you want to use blingball. The pearl 8100 is the only blackberry that I know of that contains the LEDs to change color of the ball.
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