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Everytime I send an email from the web, I receive a notification my phone containing ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Sent Email Notification


    Everytime I send an email from the web, I receive a notification my phone containing the same email. Is there a way to prevent these sent emails from being sent to my BB?

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    Re: Sent Email Notification

    Is this for a gmail account? If so you will need to log into you BIS account, go to the setup page for that account and set a filter to not forward email that is sent from that account.

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    Re: Sent Email Notification

    I'm guessing you have Gmail? As Rc says: Go to the Gmail account. Then set up a filter with your gmail address and check the box not to forward to your device.
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    Re: Sent Email Notification

    To prevent sent messages from returning to the BlackBerry smartphone each time, create a filter in the BlackBerry Internet Service account to block the sending of those messages to the BlackBerry smartphone.
    To create a filter, perform the following:
    1. Log in to the BlackBerry Internet Service account.
    2. Click the Filters icon next to the integrated Gmail account.
    3. Click Add a Filter to create a new filter.
    4. Configure the filter so that email messages are not sent to the BlackBerry smartphone if the email message originates from the Gmail webmail account integration:
      1. Type a name for the filter into the Filter Name field. For example, My sent Gmail email messages.
      2. Set the Apply filter when field to "FROM" field.
      3. Type the Gmail webmail address into the Contains field. For example, <user name>>.
      4. Select the radio button beside Do not forward messages to device.
      5. Click Add Filter.
      Note: After creating this filter, email messages will not be received on the BlackBerry smartphone if sent from the Gmail webmail account.

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