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So a friend of mine just got a new BB pearl with Alltel. I don't ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    sending pics


    So a friend of mine just got a new BB pearl with Alltel. I don't think she got a pic messaging plan as she cannot send or receive them, but she told me that the sales guy told her to just wait bec on the 28th of this month RIM was doing some kind of update that would be automatic on her phone and afterwards she would be able to send pics through SMS texts. Is that true? I have ATT and use MMS to send them. I think it sounds like BS but wanted to ask you guys what you thought, bec your all much wiser than I am

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    I'm also with ATT and use MMS for this purpose, not sure of RIM will actually provide an update for sending pics via SMS, that would cut into the pockets of the service providers, sounds like BS to me too!! but hey, never know I guess.

    But I was under the assumption that a BB requires a data plan to send/receive MMS...I could be wrong!!

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    I haven't heard anything about this before, but it has a slight possibility of being true. With ATT most phones have pic messaging AND texts count as just regular messages and you don't need a data plan. HOWEVER the BBs all require a data plan to send pic messages and they don't count against your text plan like other phones. If this difference has something to do with how the phones work, then an update might change that so that pic messaging could register as just regular messaging and not require a full data plan.

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