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I use the blackberry only when out of the office. If i send an email ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Sender's email address


    I use the blackberry only when out of the office. If i send an email from the Blackberry, if someone 'replies' to that message ( as opposed to sending an email to my normal address) it will go only to my blackberry email address - and not to my regular email address - and consequently i may miss it if i do not then check the blackberry - or even worse, I may delete all messages on my blackberry on the (mistaken) assumption that i can read them from my desktop.

    So how can i change the signature message to leave an instruction for people not to 'reply' to my email but instead to send a fresh email to my normal address so i can get it both on the blackberry but also to my desktop

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    Re: Sender's email address

    Why not send from that address that's on your bb?

    You can go into mainaddress@desktopandpearl icon on your BB and reply from there, as opposed from your normal email icon---does that make sense?

    I dont think it does. Sorry...

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    Re: Sender's email address

    if you are using bis, you can log into cingular or t-mobile's (depending who your provider is) and edit your signature for your email address in there. you can have your signature read:

    "reply to this message with addresss"

    Cingular BIS

    T-mobile BIS
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    Re: Sender's email address

    what do you have for your default email? it must be your BB email.
    Go to:
    Advanced Options
    Message Services
    Then select which email you want to be your default email your sending from.

    or ninja's response works too.

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