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is it possible to selectively sync my BB 8100? I have certain Calendar events (in ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Selectively sync Blackberry?


    is it possible to selectively sync my BB 8100?
    I have certain Calendar events (in Outlook) that I do not want on my BB.

    I tried simply pressing cancel when I get the warning during a sync but that cancels the entire process (not just that event item).


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    Re: Selectively sync Blackberry?

    I am not sure you can only sync certain calendar items. I know you can have the BB overwrite the data it is syncing with or the other way around.
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    Re: Selectively sync Blackberry?

    Not sure if you can do this or not, but try to make another Calendar. Copy your current calendar, erase the items you don't want to sync, then sync. I don't know if you can have mulitple calenders in Outlook or not.

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    Re: Selectively sync Blackberry?

    The Desktop Manager should have options for this or at least I think Outlook would.

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    Re: Selectively sync Blackberry?

    Yes it is possible. It's kind of one way with calendar entries but you can set a catergory, I use Blackberry, for all the events in Outlook you want to transfer to your BB, the set a vilter using the advanced setting when setting up the calendar sync in desktop manager. But there is a slight problem as you can't set categories for calendar events from your BB like you can for the other PIM functions.

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