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    security settings


    I recently switched from the 8100 to the 8110 and when I did upgraded to the 4.5 software. I used the DM to move all my apps over and have noticed some stronger security settings on certain apps that I didn't have before. The primary one is with the file lock app that allows you to hide files on your phone. Before when I would go into the app to unlock the files all I had to do was enter my password and then choose the folder or files I wanted to unlock, but now I have to give permission for the app to have access for each file I want to unlock. So if I have 20 files in a particular directory then I have to say yes 20 times. I have all the security permissions for this app set to allow but was wondering if anyone else had experienced this or had any other suggestions.

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    Yeah mine does the same thing every time I explore a new folder or try and view anything for that matter.

    I've never used this program before so I just thought that's how it was.

    Anyone else?
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