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Had a customer who's 8100 had security enabled (like as if he was on a ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Security Enabled on BB


    Had a customer who's 8100 had security enabled (like as if he was on a bes) how do you disable the security? I though you just wiped the handheld....

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    Re: Security Enabled on BB

    Did he enable it or is there an IT policy on the BB, If the former, he should be able to go to Options/Security Options and Disable it. If the Latter, you will have to get a blank policy put on it. Is your client on a BES? Wiping the BB will not delete a policy.

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    Re: Security Enabled on BB

    And if you dont have the ability to put a blank policy, only other option is to obliterate the SW (note, I did not say wipe or delete) on the device, and re-install the OS. Its not too bad, I have done that twice on different devices - 7290 and 8700, takes about a half hour.

    Look for a file you can download from one of the threads on the forum. You have to download the file, change a windows registry setting, and launch app loader. It obliterates everything on the device. Then you re-install the OS.

    The key in ALL of this is to make sure that you DO NOT back up the device and RESTORE it. Doing so, will simply push back the existing IT policy and you will have wasted your time.

    Instead, do a sync, * WIPE * the device (options --> security), and then obliterate the SW.

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