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I downloaded the latest version of desktop manager (SP2) but when downloading it says it ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Roxio wont download with desktop manager


    I downloaded the latest version of desktop manager (SP2) but when downloading it says it cant download to that directory or something along those lines, i am the admin of the computer (and only account) I try difrent directories but same thing happens, help me plz because i bought a 2 gb card and cant put anything on it!

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    Re: Roxio wont download with desktop manager

    First, if you're using Vista, it doesn't matter if you're in the Administrators group. You can only download it somewhere under your Users directory.

    Second, the file is 231MB, and if you're using (the incredibly DUMB) Internet Explorer to get it, you have to have more than 462MB free just to download it! And then you'll need at least another 250MB free to install it.

    Frankly Roxio Media Manager is WAY TOO MUCH to sync some files to a 2 Gig SD card! I'd stick with SP1 - significantly less intrusive. If you're copying a lot of files to the card, you're better off putting it into an SD adapter and using a card reader anyway - it's literally 10 times faster.

    Now I don't recommend doing that all the time - too much wear and tear on that fragile little card cage.

    I usually just copy files using Mass Storage Mode, or use Windows Media Player (11). However, WMP syncs to the \Music directory off the root, so I use Playlist Creator 3 to make relative playlists which I store in the BlackBerry\music directory.

    If none of this helps, you'll need to provide more specific details.

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