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I am desiring to use the UK Zen Theme on my cingy pearl and am ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Rogers O.S.


    I am desiring to use the UK Zen Theme on my cingy pearl and am wondering how stable and clean operating the latest Rogers O.S. is and whether I should expect problems ? Thankz much

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    Re: Rogers O.S.

    As from what I have seen and heard there is not many issues to expect from the 4.2. Note: I am not a pearl user so don't take me 100% correct on this, but it is expected to have some glitches depending on what theme you're using as some themes are not updated completely or just yet to handle the 4.2 (Again don't take my word for it) but you can try.

    Download the desktop manager 4.2 SP2 or the 4.1 here:

    Also be sure you back up your device before doing ANY type of upgrading to your blackberry as you may not be satisified. Please note that to back up your device you're required to have a USB cord and also using the Desktop Manager under Backup & Restore to do so under "Backup".

    IF you come across any issues, do NOT hold me accountable for your issues or device malfunctions...hehe just messin with you

    Got any questions? let us know..
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