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I just switched from the Razr to the Pearl and so far so good. I ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I just switched from the Razr to the Pearl and so far so good. I was wondering how long a ringtone could be. ( with the razr it was like 20 or 30 sec) I can use DM to put mp3s into phone and use them as ringtones I have figures out. Can I use the whole song or just a portion of it? If its just a portion how long is that?

    Thanks and BTW this site is absolutely awesome!

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    Re: ringtones

    You can put any mp3 but it will stop playing whenever he hangs up or your inbox takes the call so imo its a waste of space.~via BB (

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    Re: ringtones

    Welcome to the Stacks Shead77. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

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    Re: ringtones

    Setting up ringtones to play at a maximum length of 30 seconds or more is dependant upon carrier restrictions.

    For example: Most canadian carriers will not allow for extending this 30 second time delay.

    What i have done with my pearl and my a1200 and e6 ect. Is use an audio editing application to crop out the 30 seconds of music i like within that song, afterwards I execute a fade in and out algorithm to sweeten the playback and convert the audio file to mp3. using custom options. Applied to various contacts in my address book and voila.

    Even if i don't answer the ringtone crop let's my ringtones always sound nice.

    In reference to using the full song i also sometimes just copy the whole song over if i don't have time to do the above mentioned, Works great without the audio file tweaks. Keep in mind it will cut out after aprox. 30 seconds of playback. And full songs = Less storage card space.
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    Re: ringtones

    ~via BB (


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