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Is there a way to assign ringtones for each person, or is it just one ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Ringtones


    Is there a way to assign ringtones for each person, or is it just one ringtone for everyone?

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    Re: Ringtones

    If you go into your address book, select a contact, select edit, click, then select "add custom phone tune", that should work for you.

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    Re: Ringtones

    TaraG, Welcome to PinStack.

    Two ways to do this. The first and most limited is to open you Address book and edit the contact you want to have the unique tone. Open the menu and Select Add Custom Ringtone. Select the Tone from the list and Save the edits.

    The second gives you more options. Go to Profiles, scroll down to Advanced and click the wheel. Open the Menu and select New Exception. Name the exception, click the menu button and select Add contact, find and select the contact, Add additional contacts if you want, then make sure all the settings are the way you want. Add the Tone as before. then Save out of the exception.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.

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    Re: Ringtones

    Thanks rcbjr, I didn't know that this was possible doing it the second way. Thanks again for the cool trick.

    COJO 24

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    Ringtone Assignments - Exception Overrides Vibrate Profile

    This might not be the right place for this, but when an exception is added on my pearl, I notice that it is exactly that, an exception. I want the profile to use the ringtones I assign to phonebook entries to not ring when it's on vibrate. However since the exception is there, it will ring the custom tone. Is there anything that can be done to the vibrate profile to say don't use the exceptions? It looks like the exceptions are a global policy across the ring profiles.

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    I think thats about it, you've tweaked it as far as you can go. My 8300 is the same way. Sorry.

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