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hi all. first off, i'm new to the forum so just wanted to say "hey". ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Ringer Delay


    hi all.

    first off, i'm new to the forum so just wanted to say "hey".

    back to my original topic:
    has anyone noticed that it takes a few rings(for the person who calls you) before you're phone even starts to actually vibrate/ring? also, is there a way to change that setting so that the phone rings sooner or doesn't vibrate for 5 seconds and then ring?

    i love the phone, and that's the only thing that gets on my nerves

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    Hi johnAboy, welcome to pinstack. I do believe it depends on different factors, for instance, I have Sprint-Nextel and my phone will ring before the person calling will even hear a ring. So maybe it is TMO vs Sprint-Nextel. Lets see who else has TMO and who else has Sprint-Nextel and see if they have the same issues.

    If you dont want the phone to vibrate you can make it just ring, if thats what you meant.

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    ~via BB (

    There are other factors as well, is the caller in network? Off network? Calling from a landline?

    There is nothing abnormal about a few seconds of delay in connecting a phone call. This happens quite often.

    As well, your wireless network does have a role in this. Here is a local example: I live in Lethbridge Alberta, all of southern Alberta Rogers Wireless local calls are routed to one main tower site before going to the PSTN (publically switched telephone network). But long distance calls are carried over a private fibre link to Calgary, 200 km north, before being switched into the PSTN. If I was in Taber (50 km east of Lethbridge) making a local call on my mobile to Taber, the call would still be routed via Wireless to Lethbridge before going PSTN, and then back to Taber.

    The point is, that delay you are experiencing could be because your call is being routed much further away from you than you would expect.

    (How do I know this? I work for Rogers, I know the Wireless tech and he explained the process to me while touring the wireless transmitte building.)

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    Hey JohnABoy, welcome to the forum.

    I think it is normal to have a delay before your phone actually starts vibrating or ringing when someone calls you. And I do not think that you can change that.

    To let your phone ring only without vibrating for 5 seconds here is what you do:

    1. Go to the profiles section
    2. Go to Advanced section
    3. Highlight the profile that you are using (the one that has a ringtone) such as "LOUD" and hit the menu button. Then choose "EDIT"
    4. Scroll to "Phone"
    5. Here you can choose different options for your phone. However to reduce the vibrating before the ringing, go to the "NUMBER OF VIBRATIONS" and choose "1". (You can do this for OUT or IN Holser)

    That should let your phone ring without vibrating first.

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    johnAboy, Welcome to PinStack.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with your BB.

    You Ask, We Will Answer
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    hi guys

    thanks for the warm welcome and tips! sorry i haven't replied sooner...i guess my email sent all the reply alerts into my spam folder, and i haven't noticed it.

    anyway, reducing the vibrations has helped a lot. thanks again for all the help!

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