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I just received my new RIM pouch. I like it. Two quick questions: 1. Does ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    RIM Pouch


    I just received my new RIM pouch. I like it.

    Two quick questions:

    1. Does it matter which direction the Pearl goes into the case? Both directions seem to make it "sleep" but is it designed for one direction?

    2. The Pearl fits VERY snugly in the case. I'm sure the case will "give" some over time. Is anyone concerned that they are having to squeeze the top of the Pearl too hard to get it out? Is there a better way to grip it and remove it?

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    Re: RIM Pouch

    Hi Ephailey, I'm guessing it's not designed for one specific direction if either way puts the pearl to sleep. So whichever way you want to put it in there is up to you really.

    As for the squeezing thing, as I've completely shattered a screen (not a pearl screen but nevertheless), my suggestion is to hold the pearl inside the case from midway down and slide the pouch down like you would a sock.

    I'm sure others will have other suggestions, and hopefully you'll find one that fits your style

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