Seems like the volume buttons are a somewhat common problem on Blackberrys...or the Pearl anyway. My Pearl included. I got mine used and there's no warranty. The volume up button worked perfectly before, but is now dead. I opened up another Pearl (that's totally broken) and like others have said, there's a micro switch soldered to the board. So either it could be the switch itself or the soldering connection. Either way, not an easy job for the common person.

When I turned the volume all the way down for my call volume, I thought I was screwed since I couldn't turn it back up. As good as a bricked Pearl. But luckily there's the menu option to turn up the call volume to a certain percentage. Relieved. Thanks to the software engineer that thought of that. [software engineer says to hardware engineer: "I told you so!" ]

But I did the same thing to my BB media player. Turned the volume all the way down. Now the media player is almost useless since I can't hear anything. No menu option to control volume. Then I thought to install xplayer. By default, after install, the volume is not full loud, but better than full silent. But xplayer does not have a menu option to control volume either. So as long as I don't touch the volume down button while using xplayer, I should be ok.

So here's the request for RIM and SHAPE Services since I have never seen anyone ask if they could add volume control as a software piece. Hopefully people there are reading. RIM doesn't really have a feedback form or email address for suggestions that I could fine. And I know xplayer is a free thing, so I won't bother them directly .

RIM: Can you add a general volume control via a menu or shortcut key in your next OS update?

SHAPE: Can you add a volume control within the xplayer GUI?

I don't have a clue if these are an easy add-on, but it's something that would make our lives easier. Thanks for listening!