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Here's a link to "that other BB site" where San Francisco posts terriffic pix of ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Removing the trackball


    Here's a link to "that other BB site" where San Francisco posts terriffic pix of how to safely remove the trackball assembly, color the white LED light blue with a Sharpie, and put it back together. He says he can now do it in 5 minutes with just a little screwdriver and tongs or tweezers, marking the pieces, etc. There are a lot of pix with instructions. Enjoy.
    EDIT: I took out the link, sorry. He asked me to, and said I probably would get yelled at for posting a thread essentially from BlackBerry Forums.
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    Re: Removing the trackball

    Just read it!! San Francisco puts the best threads about BB's hands down!

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    Re: Removing the trackball

    Pretty cool
    If I were to mess up doing it I am pretty sure my warranty would be voided and I doubt myinsurance on the phone would cover it

    Very tempting though

    ~via BB (

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    Re: Removing the trackball

    Dont worry. Just follow the thread. They will do the same thing is you sent it in for a problem with your trackball! Thanks SF!

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