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    I am a new blackberry pearl owner! I love it so far and am slowly figuring out all the bells and whistles. My question is - what exactly is Reconciliation? I have been receiving all of my emails just fine from both my work and home email accts. but for some reason yesterday none went through. I just clicked on Reconcile Now and all of them started coming through right away. Do I have to click this Reconcile Now everyday and also, when I click it do I have to be near a computer?

    Sorry if this is a really stupid question.

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    Not stupid at all! At least you realize there's something a bit different going on here than synchronization.

    The big difference with BlackBerry email and other mobile email solutions (Good, ActiveSync) is that once an email is sent to your BlackBerry, it will never be sent again. The other systems are a copy of your Inbox which is why they drain batteries and cost a fortune in data charges - they have to constantly scan your mobile device and compare it to your mailbox to figure out what's changed.

    The BlackBerry will (optionally) mirror reads and deletes, but it does this efficiently. That is, reads and deletes on the actual mailbox are not necessarily reflected on the BlackBerry instantly - this is not considered a critical change, and is deferred until another more critical event happens (a message arriving or a read or delete on the BlackBerry) before performing that action, thereby saving data charges and radio transmission which drains the battery.

    Note that reconciliation is OPTIONAL with the BlackBerry. You can set it up so that Reads are NOT reflected on your actual mailbox. This is not possible with the other (all?) mobile email systems.

    This is always true with BES, but more and more email systems (Yahoo, Google) now have most of the capability as BES accounts for Reads and Deletes. The one big difference that still distinguishes BES from BIS is BES's ability to work with Folders in your mailbox.

    Hope that helps - and welcome to the world of BlackBerry!

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