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Hey everyone. So here's my story and I'm hoping for help. My wife got a ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Hey everyone.

    So here's my story and I'm hoping for help.

    My wife got a 8100 from AT&T in January of 2008.

    I decided to update some stuff on it. I backed everything up and then did the following:

    1. Removed old Desktop Manager and installed the new 4.7 Desktop Manager
    2. Installed the new 4.5 OS for 8100 that was on this site

    So, when I did it all, then restarted the computer, for whatever reason, it does not recognize the new OS that I downloaded, even after I tried to load it from the desktop software. As a matter of fact, it's showing ZERO software available at all for her phone.

    So, I'm wondering what I need to do here?

    I tried to remove the Vendor XML but it's not even listed anywhere even though it shows all the 4.7 desktop software listed.

    I just want to get the right stuff on her phone now that I've gone through all of this.

    Any thoughts on this are appreciated. Thanks!!


    One other thing...

    I was looking through the files I have and they ALL say 4.5 OS. Maybe I'm missing something but how do I check on my wife's 8100 what device OS she is running? I have the Bold and I can find it with some short cut keys but I cannot find it on hers.
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    The vendor.xml file may be hidden, so turn on show hidden files... it is located in (vista) c:\program files\common files\Reasearch in Motion\apploader. When you try to delete it it will require administrator access.

    Once you delete the file, restart DM and plugin the PEARL. All should start to happen as it should. If not... Wait for DM to go through it's motions including syncing, then select Application Loader / Add Remove applications. This should force DM to check the phone and make the upgrade available.

    Are you sure you have the proper 4.5 os file for the phone?? Just making sure....
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    Did you download the OS from your mobile service providers page or from a different page? Its it is NOT from your providers site, then you do need to delete the vendor file. Also, as mentioned above, make sure you did download the OS for your specific BB model.
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    If the above suggestions don't work follow the same path that you used to find the vendor file and use the app loader to update the phone.
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    It worked and thanks for the help. The vendor file was in fact hidden and once I removed it everything was fine.


    While it says I have the new 4.5, my wife is still not getting the native HTML emails for some reason. Thoughts?

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    The html will not show on older emails from before the update. Also go into email settings and make sure it is enabled. If you still have issues then resend your service books.~via BB (

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