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Hey, I'm just curious... I recently got my Blackberry Pearl from Tmobile. I do a ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Quirky battery power, or faulty phone?


    Hey, I'm just curious... I recently got my Blackberry Pearl from Tmobile. I do a lot of talking on my phone for my job, and the Pearl doesn't seem to get more than a couple hours (maybe 2.5 or 3 at the very best) - then it just dies without warning (no beeps, no blinking, nothing!). The first time it died on me, I plugged it in to charge, and it won't even let me turn the phone back on for at least an hour. After the hour, it'll turn on, but it wont let me use it again until it's almost fully charged again - how terrible!

    Now, last night I used it for about 2 hours (fully charged before I got on the phone) - throughout the coversation, I kept monitoring the battery power, and it seemed to always be more than fine - nearly fully charged. Then, out of the blue, it just died - again, without any warning what-so-ever. So, I went to go plug it in - it charged for a few minutes, then stopped charging. Tried plugging it in again, seemed like it was charging, so I left it alone and went to sleep. Got up this morning, and apparently it stopped charging AGAIN because the phone was still DEAD. What's the deal? Is anyone else having this issue with it, or is it just me? Could it be the phone (should I send it back for a replacement?) or could it be the battery is faulty? I'm just sick of this problem and the unreliability.

    I just dont understand why the phone wouldn't charge, even when it's securely plugged into the wall. Makes me think the phone might be the cause of the problem... I'm just sick of the phone dying like that, and then I am unable to use it again for a few hours - that's ridiculous. Especially after I heard reviews of it getting 4-5 hours of talk time - I laugh every time I see that, because this phone doesn't nearly get that many hours. Any other phone I've had, if it died, I would plug it in, and I could use it right away. Not this phone apparently. Makes me wish I wouldn't have switched from my previous phone to this one.

    So, like I said - anyone else having this problem?

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    Re: Quirky battery power, or faulty phone?

    I'm definitely not sharing your pain. I get 4-6 hours easily on my phone, and thats with other apps running in the background sometimes.

    I would try a different battery and see if that gives any different results. If not, definitely take the phone back for a replacement.

    If it does turn out to be a battery issue, you should check out Seidio's extended life batteries. Can give you a full day or more of talk time.
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    Re: Quirky battery power, or faulty phone?

    Not having this issue, I remember a while back someone else had this issue. As for it not giving you a warning, what OS are you running? If it's an older one like ..42 or .64 they have a few bugs. Updating the OS may solve the problem.

    As for plugging it in and it not letting you use it right away I think may be a something all BBs do. I'm not sure. I don't think running the battery till dead is a good idea, from what I heard it's not very good for it.

    For the battery not charging it could be a few problems, a bad usb port, bad battery, etc. Maybe if you have a friend with a pearl and could see if it's the battery or port? By the way is it charging now?
    If it's not then you may want to look into a replacement.

    You may want to look into a larger battery. has a slim extended and a extended battery which would give you plenty of talk time. As for you OEM battery talk time, do you have a lot of applications running in the background or bad coverage? Certain applications will drain your pearl much quicker and if you pearl is seaching for your network all the time it will drain the battery quite quickly. Hope this all helps

    Good luck.

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    Re: Quirky battery power, or faulty phone?

    i did have that problem once when i first got the phone and let the battery die but it hasnt happened since!

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