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Hi all, I took the plunge and upgraded to .71 on my pearl. I haven't ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Post Quick OS Upgrade Question


    Hi all,

    I took the plunge and upgraded to .71 on my pearl. I haven't noticed any benefits so far, but I have noticed some annoyances.

    Among them is that I no longer have the option to snooze calendar alarms. I used to be able to postpone things and did so frequently. Now I only am presented with options to "open" or "dismiss," with no snooze option. Oddly, in calendar options, I can still set the length of the snooze period, despite being unable to snooze anything. By the way, this option is set to 30 min as it always was (it's not off). Also I've done a few battery pulls since the upgrade for various other minor issues.

    Any idea how to turn this option back on, or have I "upgraded" this feature away?


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    Re: Quick OS Upgrade Question

    I don't use the Pearl. However, If you can't find a work around for this you may want to downgrade to the previous version:

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    Re: Quick OS Upgrade Question

    Timbo - not sure what happened, because i can still snooze calendar items and im on .71
    do you sync with outlook?

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