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I'm new to Bleckbery phones, I just got one and i didn't get internet with ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Questions about wifi, wireless, & other


    I'm new to Bleckbery phones, I just got one and i didn't get internet with it (I know that BB without Internet is just another phone)but my questtion is:
    1. Can I conect to internet through my home wireless access, and how?
    2. Do I have to install a new OS because my is the one that comes with the phone, and how do i do that, and does it cost anything?

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    I am on the mobile version of PinStack and can't see what BlackBerry you have. If you have one that has wifi then yes you can connect to your home router. What BlackBerry do you have?

    There is no need to upgrade the OS if you just got it new as they usually ship with the most current OS. If you do need to upgrade the OS its available from your carrier for FREE...


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    Welcome to Pinstack! LunkHead is right and, even though he's mobile, you didn't indicate what BB you have. As long as it's a wi-fi phone you can connect to your wi-fi system at home and many of the internet applications will work.

    You can update your profile when you get the chance to include the basic info and that will help you get more accurate answers.
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    You connect to the internet through wifi the same as you would with any other wifi device like a laptop. Refer to the manual to accomplish this as it is far too many steps to state what is already plainly written for you.

    But your phone must be wi-fi capable for this to work. Not every blackberry has wi-fi built in, so you cant just assume yours is going to work.

    As for the OS, dont worry about upgrading. You just purchased a BB, last thing you need to do is tangle with this potential mess. You'll get around to that later, if ever.

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