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last week i made the swith from nexhell 7100i (got out of contract free ) ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    questions about pearl


    last week i made the swith from nexhell 7100i (got out of contract free ) to tmo 8100. havent had a chance to post some questions about it. so thanks in advance

    - no media players option at all? makes me feel like the player was just kinda thrown together almost, but thats just me. oh yeah, i havent figured out or sat down to put dvds or video on my phone, only d/led from those videos all look horrible? did i have too high of expectations? or do i need a qaulity video that...maybe someone can give me???

    - anyway to turn off "auto save" on the camera? it annoys me to have to go through and delete pictures i accidently took of my plate of food or crotch. i looked, cant find an aptions

    - trackball? how does it hold up? phone worth putting insurance on?

    i think thats about it for now...

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    Re: questions about pearl

    1) not sure about the media player options

    2) not that i know of.

    3) trackball has been working for me with no problems. some people complain about the trackballs not working (not scrolling down, etc...) after a while but as far as insurance is concerned, I know that Cingular doesnt have the option for insurance on the pearls. so you might want to check with TMO for insurance options
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