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so, when i send an email, whether i do it through my bb or through ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    question about email..


    so, when i send an email,
    whether i do it through my bb or through computer,
    bb always seems to send me a copy of it.
    and it's getting mad annoying.
    i think i know that i sent it so why is it sending it to me?

    is there an option where i can turn this off?


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    If you're sending email with your Gmail account then yes this will happen. It's because of the file structure of Gmail. Since it uses one big "folder" and labels.

    Instructions in this thread:

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    The other way around this is to create a Filter on your Email site (assuming a service like Yahoo! or Gmail) that redirects emails from yourself to a folder other than the Inbox (Label in Gmail).

    With some mail systems (Yahoo!), you can't have it go to your Sent folder, but at least it keeps it all the emails you send from your BlackBerry in one place! Otherwise they end up in your Inbox.

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