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Hello there, I am not so new to messing with phones. The Blackberry was a ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Problems with Memory and Space


    Hello there, I am not so new to messing with phones. The Blackberry was a bit different to what I am used to (Motorola) but I got it to be like I wanted it to be. The only problem that I am having has to do with memory avalable and space. I removed Voice Dialing and PTT on my phone yet the space remains the same ans no changes occur in speed. I have used the Javaloader app, but I still get the same space and I am used to Linux and DOS so I know at least a bit ogf what I am doing, yet I see that I have removed many things and still nothing. I am just wondering how it is that when I have these applications on, there is about 41 MB avalable and once I delete them it goes to 38 MB avaliable. It seems weird to see this yet I do not get the Blackberry fully yet. I am just wondering if anyone has messed with theirs to make it show a difference and how they went about it. Oh yeah I also added the Tmobile theme to my phone instead of unlocking the Blackberry ALX file. Therefore that takes up like 700 kb. Just so you know and I added the Maps application that shows it like a true map. Version 1.1.35. Not many names and 6 bookmarks. no Messages. So if anyone can help. I would appreciate that. Thanks
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    Re: Problems with Memory and Space

    woah... the bold is a bit much...

    have you tried a battery pull? This provides a hard reset that sometimes help to clear out temporarily reserverd memory spaces (and clear areas affected by an old memory leak bug).

    what version is your OS? under OPTIONS > About > the line that starts with "v4.2."

    You can also uninstall some of the extra languages that are installed, as you likely don't need all of them.

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    Re: Problems with Memory and Space

    ~via BB ( bold is better! Haha..

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    Re: Problems with Memory and Space

    Sorry for the bold letters, I just have a bit of a thing for people who sometimes have a problem reading my posts and i thought it was nice to put it out there for people to read like this. Anyways I have done a battery pull and tried everything. I have the latest version recovering form a yet it still does the same no matter what. Its wierd that when i leave all the programs I have more memory. But if not its ok I guess I won't die its not as fast as I would expect it to be based on the processor but its a bit odd to me. it used to run faster when i got the phone for the first time with older software, I guess its just suppose to be like that, well thanks.

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