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I have been searching the forums and haven't quite come across anything yet, so I ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Problems with 8110 Pearl...anyone else??


    I have been searching the forums and haven't quite come across anything yet, so I am going to take a chance here .. I honestly feel like I am the only one who is having issues with my Pearl. As much as I love my bb, I am at my wits end with the phone or maybe just my service . I have done absolutely EVERYTHING AT&T has told me to do, already had a replacement phone sent ... called daily to speak with someone "new" on and so on ... had my IT guy at work try to check it and still the same problems. It seems as if the company just generalizes the problem each and every time I call so to keep explaining the same problems is very frustrating .... I have been searching for a new phone, but just when I am ready to purchase I feel like I am wasting more money. To begin, I just bought this phone in June and have had the problem since then, but without realizing it and thinking it was just a fluke ...then reading so many posts and learning my phone , came to realize that there is a problem . I guess to sum it up , its all based around text messaging and picture messaging. This is going to sound weird, but I will try to explain. ....First, I have noticed I am not getting all my texts messages and others aren't receiving all of mine ( I have deleted excess stuff, and all that and don't even have much on my phone and I save all my stuff to my memory card, not my phone, and I have more then enough free space on my phone) I can be next to the person and we will text and nothing will happen ... Secondly, if I receive a forwarded message, somewhat like a chain email sort of speak with text and a picture or small video (animated) I cannot view it, will tell me "text missing or invalid" the moment I forward it to someone I can see the whole thing ... sounds so odd to me that it happens ....If I receive a text with a picture , I will only receive the text and not the picture ... I have all my settings correct , nothing to view attatchment , and still a friend will get the same text and I can see from her phone, but not mine ... I have never damaged it , broke it or anything ... upon learning about my phone, made me realize that it was all to frequent ... I didn't think it mattered what service the other person had, it should all be compatible ...Now I do understand sometimes there are issues and maybe I will receive texts later then expected , but its to continuous now and I feel that I am wasting so much money a month for unlimited and all that for so many problems. I can send SMS and MMS to myself and like I stated, doesn't happen all the time ... but with all that AT&T has also had me do with their "techs" still nothing ... updating , service books , registering .... settings , don't know what else to do. I figured once I received the replacement , all would fix itself, but I was sooo annoyed that it was the same problem and such an inconvenience to go through and according to the warranty dept. I have to do it one more time in order to try a "new" phone ... I was willing to pay for new phone if they just gave me the difference with the price I paid when I bought this one, but nothing. I have tried to be understanding, patient and all that , but now I am just pissed.... Any suggestions??? I have been debating buying a Curve, but am afraid of the same problem ... maybe its my sims card?? Maybe its AT&T??? When I asked if there were issues with my Pearl that anyone else has complained about , I was told no .... I then asked again with another person, I was told yes.... So if anyone has the same issues, or similar issues, I would really appreciate anything that has helped you or any further suggestions .... Or maybe the BB is not for me , who knows ...Thanks much in advance

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    just ask
    I think what you might have is a network issue. I don't believe this problem to be an actual device issue itself. I have users all over the country and I tend to lean on other carriers in the midwest for my users. I would recommend calling att and finding out how well your coverage is in your area. As for your MMS messaging have you ever had your tech support rep ever reprovision your phone plan to allow MMS messaging? That might be where your issue is. Best of luck to you I hope this doesn't sour your feelings about owning a blackberry.

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    sounds like you got a BB that's an iPhone wannabe...lmao AT&T get your stuff for your problem lyleez you're in good hands here at the Stacks...some one here always has a solution...also have you tried escalating your issue with CS...ask to speak directly to the manager and don't budge if they say you can't because you most definitely can...we are all already hard at work searching for a solution for you

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    I was having the same issue. They rebuilt my Sim card and then I set my phone to automatically retrieve the pic (mms) at any time. Not just in my home area like the default is on the phone. Try those things. Then call blackberry and have them take you off the grid and then put you back on. It worked so far for me. Best of luck man. ~via BB (
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