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Hi, I have read as many posts as are available about sending MMS messages and ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Problems sending and receiving MMS



    I have read as many posts as are available about sending MMS messages and tried everything, still it will not work! I have tried deleting and downloading the service packs countless times, I have also re-registered whatever I had to re-register and then taken my battery out... still not working.

    I have spoken with my service provider a few times, I have BIS on my account and MMS is activated so there should be no problem. When I receive a message it asks me to retrieve the message and then I get an error, the latest one is "un caught exception java.lang.negativearraysizeexception" which means nothing to me.

    I would love any help I can get, I am currently downloading the latest versions of desktop manager and 8100 software just in case I have a dodgy version but my phone is only a month old! I also have problems sending MMS messages via Bluetooth.

    Thanks to everyone in advance, I don't know what to do,


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    Re: Problems sending and receiving MMS

    I had the exact same problem, I called CS and they told me to create a back up via DM, then they told me to go to Options>Security Options>General Settings>press the Menu button and Select Wipe Handheld and confirm. After that do a battery pull (be patient...the reboot will take a while) and you will have to turn the wireless on manually once it restarts up then re-register with server via Options>Advanced Options>HRT and send an MMS to yourself. (The number you send to must have a "1" in front, an 11 digit phone number) You should receive the MMS which would mean you can send them as well.

    And of course sync your pearl with the back up file on your PC via DM when you're done!!!
    It worked like a charm for me, good luck!

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