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Wondering if anyone one else has had this problem or maybe has solved this problem ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Problem with SMS


    Wondering if anyone one else has had this problem or maybe has solved this problem before:

    Just recently (like within the past week) I've noticed difficulty in trying to send and receive SMS messages. Like, I don't. All at one time I'll get a bunch of messages that were backlogged and waiting to be received. I also can't/couldn't send any. But I've noticed a correlation between that and when the little 'Edge' icon disappears (which has only started happening within the same amount of time).

    So, obviously, one has to do with the other. I can't send SMS (and I'm sure other things) without the Edge icon showing up. However, this only happens sometimes, it's not a constant thing, and like I've said, it's only just started happening in the last week.

    I've tried turning Wireless on and off, turning the phone off for varying amounts of time and taking the battery out. Didn't help. Is this a provider problem (I use T-Mobile) or is it a phone problem?

    All help would be appreciated!

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    Re: Problem with SMS

    If you are losing your EDGE icon, then I would first contact T-Mobile and make sure that they have your service provisioned correctly. They should also be able to determine on the phone with you if it might be a hardware (phone) issue.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Problem with SMS

    try logging into your tmo account and resend the service books, the recent upgrade has caused a few issues.
    log into your tmo account hit blackberry email and then resend service books.
    post back
    Been a long while since last login. Sorry all, adjusting to a new life is great and hell at the same time!!

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    Re: Problem with SMS

    ~via BB ( also check and are how your phone is setup to transmit the text messages. Right now mine is setup to transmit over gprs preferred. Ive never seen where it has made a difference but its worth the check.

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    Re: Problem with SMS

    my sms didnt work from day one, tmobile forgot to provision is correctly even though they said itwas added, speak with the blackberry specialist!

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