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i am sure that this is very easy to fix, but i just cant figure ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    problem with pearl display


    i am sure that this is very easy to fix, but i just cant figure it out, tried for about 15 minutes and am very close to throwing the phone against the wall.

    all of a sudden, my display does not display messages, general menu, and call log on the entire screen, but rather only on the bottom 80%. the top 20% is the desktop item. how do i change it back to where it displays "full screen" all the time?

    thank you in advance for help.


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    Re: problem with pearl display

    hmm...i'd be very interested to know exactly where you were when you had the whole screen. the apps that you speak of (messages for example) will only show full screen once you click into the message. if you are just in the application, the screen will show the time, battery meter, date, etc. above it.

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    Re: problem with pearl display

    Well if your talking about, when u click on messages and it only disaplys on the bottom 80% of the screen and the top 20% shows the main screen pic, then I have to say that's the way it is and u cannot change that. Same with call log. I think it's just a matter of a theme u're using. If u dont like that u might have to use a diff theme.

    If that's not wat u mean, Im sorry for misunderstanding you

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    I had the exact same problem and pulling the battery while BB was still ON resolved this crazy view. hope this helps.

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